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03 Sep 2018
Artificial Grass

Making Your Home Green with Artificial Grass

For years synthetic grass was considered little more than a curiosity. And who could blame anyone for thinking that way. After all, the first iterations of fake turf were definitely lacking in both visual and tactile appeal. Fast forward a few decades and fake grass is no longer a laughing matter. Today’s synthetic lawns display an amazing realism both in the way they look and in the way the feel underfoot. So much so that people are often surprised when they learn they are walking on synthetic and not real grass. But there’s more to synthetic lawns today than just great looks and an equally great feel. They’re also extremely cost effective and they’re at the forefront of helping bring homes in line with a greener ethos that’s good for the entire planet.Read More

13 Mar 2018
synthetic turf install

Why Artificial Grass Rules

Front & Backyard

Times are changing, and for economic, environmental, and personal reasons, a real lawn is not the aspiration for many people it once was. Maintaining a real lawn costs money for watering and cutting; fertilizers and anti-weed chemicals can be bad for the environment, and many people do not have the time.

Thanks to design possibilities and fewer installation restrictions, artificial turf is an attractive alternative. Advanced manufacturing makes synthetic grass indistinguishable from the real thing, and plastic blades have even become more lifelike. Unlike real glass, its synthetic brethren can be installed nearly anywhere and is ready for immediate use. Here are some front and backyard design ideas to consider.Read More

21 Feb 2018

The Ultimate Artificial Grass Guide

Artificial or synthetic grass, made from high-quality plastic, has been a mainstay feature of indoor sporting arenas and stadiums for more than 50 years. Colourful and long-lasting, it has made a not-so-subtle transition from large-scale commercial applications to ones the average consumer would more easily recognize. Today, you will find fake grass installed in your neighbor’s backyard, the miniature golf course or putting green down the street, an indoor garden, and many other locations. Thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance, synthetic lawns are growing in popularity.Read More

20 Feb 2018

Artificial Grass: Where and Why

Artificial grass is more than what you see professional athletes run around on during a football, baseball, or soccer game. While the first practical application was for a school recreation area, the usefulness and ubiquity of synthetic turf have exploded the last 50 years in a manner its creators may never have imagined.Read More