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Create a stunning backdrop for your upcoming event with our beautiful artificial grass rental options. No matter the type and style of event, Crown Turf has the artificial grass you’re looking for to take your event’s venue to the next level.

Artificial Grass For Weddings
Artificial Grass For Weddings

Why do people use artificial grass for special events like weddings?

No matter how idyllic the location of your special event, be it at a wedding or corporate event, weather can be a fickle thing. Artificial turf rental has become a popular commodity at special events in recent years thanks to its unwavering reliability and resistance to factors like weather and foot traffic.The quick roll out of artificial turf for an event is also a huge factor customer consider when choosing Crown Turf.

Customers also frequently use Crown Turf rentals for events if their venue lacks a natural grassy landscape. Synthetic grass can quickly transform an otherwise average venue into a stunning backdrop.

What qualities does Crown Turf have that makes us stand out from other fake grass companies?

The Wave Blade, Durablade and U-Shape technologies used in our grass system give our clients peace of mind no matter the external factors that may be at play.

The Wave Blade technology help deflect the sun’s UV rays in multiple directions, keeping grass cool even on hot days (up to 10 degrees cooler than other grass systems!). Even if your event is taking place on a hot beach, the innovative cooling technology found in our imitation grass will keep your guests’ feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

At the same time, the Durablade with U-Shape technology keeps the grass blades in perfect condition regardless of the amount of foot traffic your special event gets.

These quality extras found in our synthetic grass add to your event’s aesthetic to give you a backdrop that is pristine, elegant and in perfect condition at all times.

Artificial Grass For Easter Egg Hunt
Easter setting with chickens and egg on fake grass background.

What grass systems do you recommend for special events?

This comes down entirely to personal preference. Many customers use our putting green grass systems for runners at weddings. The more natural look and feel of our other grass systems are used to create a luxurious backdrop at other events like company parties and corporate launches.