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Why Choose Crown Turf?

Low maintenance: With artificial grass, there is zero need to water or mow your lawn, making it a stress-free solution to tedious garden maintenance.

Safe: Synthetic grass is soft, durable and pesticide-free, making it ideal for for families with children or pets.

Environmentally friendly: With no need to water the lawn or burn gasoline to mow the grass, fake grass can go a long way in conserving water and energy.

Beautiful year round: Artificial grass will maintain its appearance year round, regardless of outdoor temperatures and weather.

About Our Company

Crown Turf is a full-service artificial grass company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. Why? We try our best to finish all of our synthetic grass installations in just one day. No one wants a giant mess in your front or backyard. That’s why we try our best to finish all jobs perfectly and on time.

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    We have artificial grass for every style and occasion.
    Pick the perfect
    synthetic grass for you

    Our grass installation process

    1) Excavation- Remove old sod and dirt

    2) Surfacing-  Lay artificial grass over project area

    3) Seaming- Cut, position and optimize artificial grass.

    4) Sand filling- Spread sand evenly through turf fibers for extra damage protection.

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