Crown Turf has a fantastic selection of fake grass systems for commercial areas known to be difficult for natural grass to flourish and grow in.

Why choose artificial turf for commercial applications?

Artificial grass is ideal for commercial areas because it eliminates tiresome maintenance work, providing you beautiful green space year round.

Installing fake grass also helps reduce costs associated with said maintenance, which includes watering, lawn mowing, reseeding, edging and irrigation.

By choosing artificial grass, your overall water consumption is also significantly reduced. Artificial grass is especially handy in areas that have limited space, access to water and high foot traffic.

indoor synthetic green grass
indoor green grass architecture

What are some commercial areas well suited for fake grass?

Synthetic turf is ideal for large commercial applications like street walkways, business complexes, shopping centres, school playgrounds, airports, public rooftops and communal parks.

artificial grass stair decoration with lighting
artificial grass decoration with lighting detail

What is the best grass for commercial areas?

We have several grass systems that are well suited for commercial applications. We recommend Park Royal, Park Royal Lite, Sierra Pacific, Sierra Pacific Lite and Cascade Elite for long-lasting commercial use.