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If you want to have a beautiful lawn year round, then fake grass is the perfect solution for you. Pristine, durable and long lasting, artificial turf spares you tedious garden work and maintenance costs that you must deal with yearly with real grass.

Artificial Grass For Backyard
New Artificial Grass Installed Near Walkway and Pool

Why do people choose artificial grass for their front lawns and backyards?

Individuals choose synthetic grass for their front lawns and backyards for its look, convenience and durability. No matter the weather conditions, artificial grass’s appearance will the stay same.

Thanks to its innovative Wave Blade and U-Shape technology, fake grass is also incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding varying temperatures, foot traffic and environmental conditions.

With over 10 imitation grass systems to choose from, we’ve got the style you need to give your front lawn and backyard the look you want.

What is fake grass made up of?

Artificial grass is made up of a mixture of polymers (plastics) along with the sand infill that is laid down with the grass to make it soft and durable.


Artificial Grass For Frontyard
Detail of a beautiful synthetic lawn along a garden pathway


How long does synthetic grass last in front lawns and backyards?

This will depend on the quality of the grass system chosen but most synthetic grass has a warranty of about 20 years.

How does artificial grass drain?

An artificial grass system has a carpet layer, a layer of filler and ground cover to ensure ample drainage. Our synthetic grass systems have a high drainage rate of 30 inches per hour. This ensures there will never be any puddles on your outdoor living space.

Which imitation grass is the most real looking?

All of Crown Turf’s grass systems were designed to mimic natural grass with only minor differences in physical appearance. However, there are some grass styles that lean more toward the natural-looking side.

One of our most natural-looking grass systems is the Sierra Pacific as it blends olive and field green blades with warm yellow and forest green thatch to give it a very natural look and feel.