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The cost of artificial grass depends on a number of factors, including the size of the installation area and the type of grass system used. To get an accurate price estimate, get in touch with us today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Care and Maintenance

We carry a number of artificial grass maintenance products to ensure your grass looks and feels beautiful year round. With these add-on products, care and maintenance of your synthetic turf will be a breeze.

Turf Renu: Keep your artificial grass in perfect condition with this turf cleaner. This non toxic cleaner is meant to be sprayed on artificial turf to remove pet odours and stains. It’s a great alternative to more toxic cleaners as Turf Renu is not only 100% environmentally safe, it’s also hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.

Pure Zeo: A miracle product for pet owners, Pure Zeo is the best selling infill designed specifically for pet-friendly grass systems. Pure Zeo is made up of Zeolite, minerals that help absorb ammonia found in urine and ward off odours.

By holding and releasing moisture gradually throughout the day, Pure Zeo can also help keep artificial grass cool on hot summer days. Consider Pure Zeo the perfect two-in-one product for your artificial grass!

Envirofill: This infill is designed for heavy foot traffic zones such as playgrounds and sports areas. Envirofill provides an extra layer of protection and prevents grass from compacting even with heavy usage.

This infill is also infused with Microban, an antimicrobial which protects grass against the growth of bacteria. Applying Envirofill can significantly extend the life of your artificial grass and is highly recommended for all artificial turf.

Seam tape: Seam tape is used to extend the life of synthetic grass by holding grass together no matter the environmental conditions.

XGS Turf Adhesive: Crown Turf uses only the top quality adhesives for our grass applications. XGS’s adhesive contains zero acetone or solvents, making it a fantastic non-toxic solution to keeping fake grass in place. It’s strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, making it an adaptable product ideal for both hot and cold climates.

Our grass installation process


The first step in installing artificial turf is removing the old dirt from the designated project area.

We generally remove around four inches of soil in order to properly lay down the landscape fabric. This fabric will encompass the entire project area.

After the landscape fabric has been smoothly placed over the project area, we place road base over the the project area.

We put a strong emphasis on thoroughly raking and compacting the road base with a plate tamper. This is done to ensure an even terrain throughout the entire area.

We apply two inches of ¾ road base a second time to fill any missed low spots.


The next step is to place the artificial grass over the entire project area. We make an effort to have the grass blades all face in the same direction (towards your residence). This is done to give the synthetic grass the most natural look possible.


After we place the grass down on the designated area, we cut, position and optimize the artificial grass.

This includes cutting off excess grass, laying down the seam tape and pouring glue underneath to keep the grass in place.

Sand filling

With a shovel, we pour sand evenly throughout the freshly-planted grass .This is done in order to keep grass fibers upright and in place.

For extra damage protection, we use a power brush to run the sand through the grass again to both thicken and even out the sand infill.