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Why choose artificial grass for a deck, patio or roof?

Synthetic grass is a great option for outdoor living areas like decks, patios and roofs, especially if you’re looking to spruce up your space for relaxation and entertaining.

Artificial Grass For decks
Two comfortable chairs on the grass

What makes Crown Turf’s fake grass so durable?

The Wave Blade, Durablade and U-Shape technologies used in our grass system give our clients peace of mind when choosing us for their grass service.

The Wave Blade technology help deflect the sun’s UV rays in multiple directions, keeping grass up to 10 degrees cooler than competitors’ products. At the same time, the Durablade with U-Shape technology keeps the grass blades in perfect condition regardless of the amount of foot traffic your grass area gets.

These quality extras found in our synthetic grass add to your application’s aesthetic to give you artificial grass that is pristine, beautiful and in perfect condition at all times.

How does artificial grass drain in a residential living space like a deck, patio or roof?

At Crown Turf, we install a carpet layer, a filler layer and ground cover to ensure ample drainage.

Our synthetic grass systems have an exceptionally high drainage rate of 30 inches per hour. This ensures there will never be any puddles on your outdoor living space.

Artificial Grass Near A Deck
A section of a residential garden, yard with wooden decking, patio over a fish pond, a section of artificial grass/

What is the best fake grass choice for decks, patios and roofs?

We recommend Country Club and Par Saver for outdoor residential spaces.