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Artificial grass for landscapes

Cascade Elite

The most luxurious of Crown Turf’s selection of synthetic grass, Cascade Elite keeps your landscape looking pristine year round. Its Wave Blade Structure Technology makes this grass system incredibly durable. It keeps grass 10 degrees cooler than other artificial turf on hot days for ultimate comfort. This innovative technology also features no glare blades, which deflect sun rays in order to keep your artificial grass looking visually appealing 24/7. Cascade Elite is the ultimate selection for individuals wanting beautiful grass, year round.

Coastal Pro

Coastal Pro

This grass system is ideal for those expecting heavy foot traffic on their lawn. This grass blend mixes forest green and olive blades for a warm, natural-looking finish. Coastal Pro is one of the softest and most durable synthetic grass systems available on the market and perfect for back yards, front yards, play areas, decks, pet areas and daycares. It’s been hailed as one of the most realistic looking fake grass systems and is fitting for both residential and commercial use.

Sierra Pacific- Lite

Sierra Pacific- Lite

This artificial grass is perfect for everyday use and is a top choice for both residential and commercial applications. Homeowners with pets consider it a favourite, thanks to its durability and softness. Its textured feel also makes Sierra Pacific Lite a popular choice in dense metropolitan areas. Its elegant look helps enhance the overall appearance of a concrete-heavy commercial area. Consider this synthetic grass system if you’re looking to accent your deck, garden, pool area, dog run or front and back yard.

Sierra Pacific

If you’re aiming for a high-class aesthetic for your landscape, this elegant artificial grass system is perfect for you. Designed to handle moderate to heavy foot traffic, Sierra Pacific is ideal for entertainment areas, back yards and front lawns. Its U-Shape Cool Fiber Technology keeps grass 15 degrees cooler than other artificial grass systems on the hottest days, and ensures the grass blades stay upright and glare free, no matter the outdoor weather conditions.

Park Royal

This vibrant emerald green grass is one of our most popular synthetic grass systems. Enjoy a lush landscape year round with Park Royal’s Durablade Technology, which makes sure grass stays tall, strong and elegant looking, rain or shine. Its high fiber tolerance ensures it can handle heavy foot traffic, including those of pets and children at play. It’s also been shown to be an excellent choice for commercial applications like boulevards, medians and sports arenas.

Park Royal Lite

This premium artificial grass is a favourite for garden enthusiasts looking to enhance their outdoor space. Its bright shades of emerald and field greens really help bring out a residence’s natural beauty and colours. Its durability and high quality make it great for heavy traffic areas such as front yards, back yards, playground areas, outdoor sports areas, as well as residences with pets and putting greens. The Park Royal Lite’s U-Shape Fiber Technology and low fiber height help add to its overall natural look and feel.

Spring Pro

Crown Turf’s Spring Pro grass system is a top choice for individuals looking for both quality and affordability. Its natural blend of lime and field green blades make it visually appealing, while its ultra soft feel make it an excellent choice for designer landscapes with low traffic areas. Ideal for front lawns, “green” roofs and garden-heavy residential properties.



This synthetic grass system’s name says it all. The Classic grass system’s natural blend of lime and field greens makes it one of the most real-looking artificial grass on the market. It’s also one of the most affordable grass systems, making it ideal for individuals looking to spruce up their residential landscapes on a budget. With its lightweight design, Classic grass is most suitable for low traffic areas such as front lawns and “green” roofs.

Turf Cloud

Turf Cloud is an underlay that adds extra padding to your synthetic grass. It softens the feel of artificial grass and helps grass fibres bounce back after they have been compressed. Ideal for playgrounds, backyards, sports areas and pet-friendly landscapes.

Artificial grass for putting greens

Country Club

Our Country Club golf green grass is one of our top-rated synthetic grass systems. Its natural mix of field green and olive green colours resemble the most prestigious golf resorts in the world. Country Club grass also features polyethylene monofilament yarn, high-quality material that ensures high performance golf green grass. If you’re an experienced golfer looking for both aesthetically-pleasing and functionable putting green grass, Country Club is it.

Par Saver

If you’re looking for the perfect putting green to entertain your friends and family, look no further than Crown Turf’s Par Saver grass. Lush, elegant and durable, this artificial grass is the ultimate choice for serious golfers. With its beautiful mix of lime and field green blades and a ball roll speed of 9.5-11 on the stimpmeter, Par Saver has all the qualities of a prestigious golf course, with the added benefit of zero maintenance year round.