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Synthetic grass can be a great solution for pet owners looking for green space for their pets, without having to worry about additional maintenance costs and upkeep.

No matter if you live in a high rise or detached home, Crown Turf has the right imitation grass system you’re looking for to make your pet happy.

Artificial Grass For Dogs
Siberian Husky Dog Catching a Bone in Lawn

Which type of artificial grass is best for dogs and other pets?

Several factors come into play when deciding on an imitation grass system for your pet. Pet owners need to consider the size of their pet, the amount of space their pet needs to be comfortable and the amount of time their pet will spend in the artificial grass area.

What grass systems do you recommend for pets?

At Crown Turf, we recommend Cascade Elite, Coastal Pro, Park Royal, Sierra Pacific, Park Royal Lite, Sierra Pacific LIte, Spring Pro and Classic for pet applications.

Is artificial grass safe for dogs and other pets?

Artificial grass is very safe for pets. While pests like fleas and ticks thrive in natural grass, they avoid artificial grass systems. Larger agricultural pests like moles and gophers will also find shelter elsewhere. The spread of disease caused by these pests is eliminated and creates a safe, happy haven for your pets.

Cat on synthetic turf
American Shorthair on green artificial grass

How clean is artificial grass?

Thanks to its Pure Zeo infill, artificial grass is very efficient in keeping dirt, mud and foul odours off your pets and out of the house. Organic and environmentally safe, Pure ZEO’s minerals both absorb ammonia from urine and prevent unpleasant odours from forming in the grass.

The infill used in your pet-friendly grass system will make your artificial grass area a comfortable and happy place for your pet. It also captures and releases moisture throughout the day, ensuring your fake grass stays cool on hot summer days.