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No matter if it’s for a backyard or commercial playground, synthetic grass is a great option to consider if you’re looking for beautiful-looking grass year round, with zero downtime spent on maintenance.

Why do people choose to have artificial grass in playground areas?

Playgrounds experience have heavy foot traffic due to children regularly playing in the same area. No matter how well you take care of your grass, eventually real grass will become flat and faded, or stop growing altogether to the difficult growing conditions.

Artificial grass, however, is resilient and remains unaffected by heavy foot traffic. Strong and durable Wave Blade Structure Technology allows for children to run around as they please without damaging the synthetic grass system.

Fake grass is a fantastic solution for popular playground areas that want to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment without the dreaded costs of yearly maintenance, which includes watering, fertilizing, edging, reseeding and irrigation.

What makes fake grass so durable for playgrounds?

Thanks to its innovative Wave Blade, Durablade and U-Shape technologies, fake grass is also incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding varying temperatures, foot traffic and environmental conditions.

Crown Turf also applies Envirofill, an infill specifically designed for playground applications.This infill adds an extra layer of protection to playground grass, providing an extra buffer for children playing in the area.

What is the best grass system for playgrounds?

We recommend Park Royal, Park Royal Lite, Sierra Pacific, Sierra Pacific Lite, Coastal Pro and Cascade Elite for playground applications.